'Tides' is a journey through Post Punk past and present, featuring dual attack vocals, thunderous drums and infectious, driving Guitars referencing peers such as Wire, Ceremony and The Fall.

Lyrically it lands between themes of maritime isolation, lonely city life and glorious indecision.


drying out, to live with doubt
shoreline bound, to come around

i thought id learn from it, then you turn on it
to repel/repent, reflect on it

lose yourself, to find your wealth
the shoreline shakes, it comes in waves.

youre burning at both ends, you cant have everything
give me anything, that doesnt turn on this

i feel like im drowning
on turning decisions
my mind is a washout

am i turning?
am i wanting?
will it turn the tide, the doubt i leave behind

wont stop turning, tide wont stop turning.


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